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Hello everyone. I just want to get some information on getting started in a Data Center Virtualization environment or any type of virtualization atmosphere. I have been in IT for around 16 years but mostly telecom and basic tech support. I have worked in a Data Center as a Sys Admin Associat working with HP Monitoring tools and was exposed to some virtual servers. I would like to get back into it. Basically doing L1 Network Infrastructure Tech (Switches/Server installs and decomissions etc.) I am currently working on the Cisco CCENT and they have a Data Center cert too. Should I get that one and then get the VCP cert afterwards. I heard you have to complete an approved VMWare class first which costs a lot. Just trying to get some ideas thaats all. Thanks so much.


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    I notice that Stanly responded to the VCP question in the Virtualization forum, yes you need to do an approved course and exam to become certified on VMware. Without knowing your level of knowledge around Virtualization it's hard to provide you with the best advice.

    Do you have access to a reasonable spec desktop or laptop PC on which you could set up a virtual lab? Check out the Virtualization forum as this subject is regularly discussed.

    If so you could download a UCS simulator from Cisco's site.

    There are hands on labs for VMWare.

    VMware Learning Platform

    You could also download trials from VMware and Cisco to set up a lab for training.

    The newer UCS versions have plugins for VSphere so that you can have full visibility of the hardware through to the VM itself.

    Regarding the order of study, what do you do most? If you work with VMware daily, then go the VCP route if you have the time, funds and kit to do so. If you work with the UCS more often, focus on that.

    I think the best advise I could give would be to check out both vendors sites for the most up to date info on these two tracks, decide which is most useful to you immediately and go for it. The other thing, whichever path you choose, if you can do so, LAB, LAB and LAB some more!

    Have fun.
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    Thanks so much. I am going to check out all the information above.
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