ISL and 802.1q support STP ?

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Just want to ask if 802.1q support STP? I know that InterSwitch Link support PVTP / Per VLAN Span Tree.



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    ISL and 802.1q are used for trunking? I dont think they have anything to do with spanning trees
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    In a Cisco powered network, the switch maintains one instance of the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) per VLAN. This means that if you have 10 VLANs in your network, there will also be 10 instances of STP running amongst the switches.

    In the case of non-Cisco switches, then only 1 instance of STP is maintained for all VLANs, which is certainly not something a network administrator would want.
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    yes it does i think its called PVST+
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    you can even disable spanning tree if you have no physical loops in your topology.

    otherwise your network will meet a crushing end.
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