Digital Forensics Certification

Hi all,

I'm seeking for advises onto which digital Forensics certification/training to lookup / study toward.
This maybe more toward EU based regulations if this is a matter..

Thanks in advance,


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    Start saving some money, SANS courses are calling your name:
  • mokazmokaz Member Posts: 172
    Start saving some money, SANS courses are calling your name:

    What about the (ISC)2 CCFP credentials?
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    You would do best to look at DF certs that are being asked for in DF job postings. If you look at dice, monster, LinkedIn, etc. you will see the EnCE, ACE, and CCE are asked for quite a bit. The CCFP is asked for in some security analyst posts, but I don't see it required for DF work positions. The same is true for the GIAC forensics certs. I would get the (ISC)2 and GIAC certs if I were in DF full time anyway.
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    I started off with ACE. Now, I am working my way towards other ones..

    As stated, look at job postings and "snowball" ideas from it.
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    I never saw a position in EU requesting CCFP so far, a quick Linkedin search doesnt return anything in Western Europe
    SANS training(and GIAC Certs) are well worth the money IMO, those are not only extremely useful but also in demand.
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    Well so i've been checking a bit and it seems it turns out to be either; EnCE, ACE or CCE and as well the SANS twins; GCFA and GCFE.. So if i'd have to pick one, i'd go for the CCE i guess.. but i'm not secure on this yet, i've got to read a bit further to make an steady educated choice...

    Thanks guys,
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