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For those that saw the LX0-103 thread, I ended up sticking with the Sybex book and Skillport videos, took the 104 a few weeks ago, and passed again with a 570. It's nowhere near what I thought I would be able to do, but this time it was completely on me. I felt that the book did a good job of covering the material that the 104 covered. I didn't score any better, but when I missed a question I knew that it had been covered, I just didn't remember all of the switches and exact file paths. I'm too reliant on help/man pages and find/locate for things that I don't use daily. Had I known the RHCSA was hands on before taking this I would have gone for that. So in my completely unscientific opinion, Sybex book and skillport videos = good for 104, bad for 103.


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