Study materials question for ITIL Foundation 2011

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Hi all,

I'm going to do the ITIL Foundation exam. I only want to get a book, some practice exams and do self-study because I don't want to pay for a training course. I've read the websites from ITIL, Examination Institutes (EIs), third parties, etc. as well as the entries in this forum.

My understanding is that I just need to study one of the many books available and schedule an appointment to do an exam. However, I still have the following questions:

1) What book is the best to prepare for the exam? I just want to get one study book. I've seen the following in different places:
2) What is the best resource for practice exams?

As I stated before I just want to do: a) Study the book; b) Practice questions; c) Do the exam.

Thanks in advance for your responses!
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