Which things i need to learn for work with service provider

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I did CCNP RS 4 years ago and it expired. Never worked in network field.

Now i work in ISP as (Programmmer)where i have to program some automation with applied settings to routers.

Although i don't need to know but just for my sake i want to fully undertsand the acrhitecture of what they do.

I revised Routing and Switching CCNP syllabus in 3 weeks . I dont need to learn the commands just concepts so that i read the document then i should know what that mean rather knowing how to do it.

I read the document and there many things which i could not find in which field they belong to. Can anyone give some idea which field in Cisco they belomg to so that i have seee the video just to get the idea

The terms in document were

VPC , VRF , firewalls , edge router , data centers , server farms.

I think may be i need to learrn about CCNP SP or data centers or may be security.

Thats looks too much for me.

But i just need to know the concepts only.

Which field should i start with


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