Studied for N10-006, should I consider cramming and take N10-005 instead?

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Hi Everyone!

I just finished studying the N10-006 Cert Guide and thought I had a good grasp of the topics. I am taking some practice tests and am not getting as high as a score as I wanted before taking the exam. Weaker points are Security and Comptia's Industry standards and practices sections.

Looking at the differences between the exams, it appears N10-005 may be a better fit for me now. Any thoughts on studying the N10-005 resources for the next 2 weeks and taking it instead?

Background: Work in IT troubleshooting enterprise products but don't go down to the Router and Swtiches level too often. Had a CCNA but it expired. Recently got the Cloud+ certification too.


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    If you plan on studying for the N10-005, you better do it soon because that exam expires on the 31st of August of this year. If I were you, I would purchase the ExamCram book (the book I'm currently using) from amazon.com if you plan on taking the N10-005. As for the practice exams, you can go to examcompass.com, that site has a lot of good practice exams for you to take. Another is quizlet.com, they have flashcards for one to study from. I have been using both websites to study for the N10-005 exam. I take it in 4 days. Anyway, if you plan on taking the N10-005 exam, purchase the ExamCram (ISBN: 978-0-7897-4905-5) by Emmett Dulaney and Michael Harwood. Its a really good book to study and prepare for the N10-005 exam. Several people from this forum and others have stated that using the ExamCram book is a really good source. Good luck on what ever decision you make. icon_thumright.gif
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    IF I were you, I would just brush up on the N10-006 and take that exam.
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    Has anyone here done both?
    Can you tell us if they are very different?
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