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I am preparing for CCNA security. Have to do lab work, but i am getting too much problems in connecting GNS3 and CCP.icon_sad.gif

Do i need to configure more than one router on gns3, to activate ccp? or one will be fine?

Secondly, the tutorials i saw for connection, is showing LAN2 to use but my LAN is disabled. its not working. Totally pissed off.icon_cry.gificon_study.gif

Please help.


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    CCP is an application the runs on your PC and connects to the router vie http/https. You need to build a router in GNS3 then connect a switch to it and then a cloud to the switch. Configure the cloud to use a loopback adapter that you have to setup. Set an IP address on the LAN that the switch connects to on the router. You should be able to ping the Virtual router in GNS3 from your PC. Then just follow the steps to setup the router for access for CCP. Pretty sure there is a CD that comes in the book that Keith Barker explains how to do this. The Video on the CD is "CCP, NAT, Object Groups and ACL's".
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    I will try this and let you know.

    Well i have given exam and lost by 2%. icon_sad.gif

    passing was 90%, and i got 88%.icon_cry.gificon_sad.gif
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