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sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
I just want to make sure I am doing this correctly before making a purchase..

I go to http://www.getcertify4less.com/aplusvue.asp and get the A+ Test Voucher Bundle - VUE (135)-

then once I buy it- I put in the voucher code when signing up for the test and price is reduced to 135?



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    No, the voucher is all you buy. For $135, you will receive one voucher(it's more like just a number), when you register at Vue, you enter the voucher number for payment. You will also receive some practice questions, and a guide to read over for A+. You will need two vouchers, one for each A+ exam. The vouchers will expire in a years time. If you want to try and save a few bucks, look for the "early expiry" deals sometimes listed. Same voucher, but it would expire sooner. Most people buy vouvhers in advance to have to study. Early expiry vouchers may expire in a week or so, so you don't buy those until you are completely ready, and you know a test center will be available.
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  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492

    When I go to sign up at Vue- it asks me to pick the test and the price is $150- at the bottom it says to put in voucher code- which I assume I will get when I purchase the voucher.

    I will look for the reduced ones as well, thanks.
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    It couldn't be easier. The people at the testing centers, Vue and Prometrics, take voucher numbers in place of credit card numbers all the time. They are not put off by it in any way.
    I saved 18 bucks on my Core exam and got a bunch of pracice questions to boot! My voucher was $135 from Total Seminars and was for a Prometrics center. I would have preferred using a voucher from this site but there is no Vue center any where near my home town. Good luck on the test.
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  • namanama Member Posts: 187
    how useful are those practice questions in terms of exam wise? :)
  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
    Good question asked eariler- how useful were the practice test questions that came w/ the voucher?
  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    Most practice questions are pretty good, Tcat Houser writes a good book, so I'm sure whatver guide they send is good also.
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  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
    Sounds good Ricka- will go through them. Taking test Tuesday.
  • sharptechsharptech Member Posts: 492
    Voucher worked out great- used the site provided on here- thanks!
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