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I am sure its been asked a billion times. I am experienced, whats the best book/self taught materials out there. I assume there is something to buy from Amazon.


  • BetrayalBetrayal Member Posts: 108 is a good and free resource to prepare for the exam, you do not need to buy a book.
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    For folks who are confident, one simply need to download the objectives from CompTIA.

    If one cares about getting the lingo down more confidently, then I'd invest in Meyers' All-in-One or the Sybex text. If you are familiar with CompTIA lingo, then a crambook or passport book will be a good idea.

    Personally, I invest in the book and download free objectives from the vendor of the exam. That's the quickest IMO.

    What type of 'experience' do you have?
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    In addition to Professor Messer's videos I would suggest grabbing the A+ Exam Cram by David Prowse; which you can get on Amazon.
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    Thanks guys. About 20 yrs most on the NW side, actually a little of everything. I was a Service Desk Manager for the last 4 yrs then laid off in June do to a company buy out. I have had about 3 phone interviews screenings and when I said I didn't have A+ it was quickly over.
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    Hello Everybody

    I need advice .

    I studied a software course at college for one year(software specialist.or software desktop support)

    I haven't been able to find a job.

    I have no experience.

    I'm thinking of doing a+ next year.

    Will it help me to land a job?

    It feels like the course I take was completely useless .

    Thanks .
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    Hello everyone.

    I need advice please.

    I studied an software course for one year. Also known as desktop support. I haven't landed a job yet .

    I feel this course was totally useless.

    I'm thinking of doing a+ next year.

    Will this land me a job?.

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    MissL you're asking an impossible question.. it might, it might not.
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