Passed RCV (second attempt)

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Morning folks,

I'm new to the forum and I'm pleased to have recently passed RCV on my resit with a score of 31. For some reason I found this exam slightly harder than the other intermediates?

So with that one under my belt, I now have enough points to sit the dreaded MALC, which I have booked for November. The route I took was Foundation, SS, OSA, PPO and RCV. I decided to go down the capability route as my manager was doing the Lifecyle route, I also liked to joke that the Capability exams were harder :) (not sure if this is actually the case).

So I hear the MALC is a slightly different format to the intermediates in that you learn a case study throughout the training course and the exam is based on scenarios within the case study?


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    Hi richyp

    Congratulations on the pass! The ITIL intermediate exams are tough so it's quite common to fail one (or even two) along the way.

    What you've heard about MALC is correct -you'll be given a case study and use it during the course, and then you'll use the same case study during the exam. MALC looks at the whole lifecycle perspective, so I'd recommend you do some reading up on CSI as it's not covered in much depth in the capability track. Your manager might be able to lend you his course material?

    Kind regards

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    Thank you Claire.

    Funnily enough I was considering attending the CSI Course as my Training Provider has a course available 1 month before the MALC. Would you say it was worth doing the full Intermediate course or would reading up on it suffice? I do have access to the course notes.
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    Hi richyp

    If you can attend the course then I definitely would - you will get the material presented with some context and you can ask questions. If you read the MALC syllabus before you go on the course you can make sure you're looking at it from the MALC perspective. Good luck icon_smile.gif

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    Congrats on the pass!
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