Advice for hands on guys?

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Hello peoples of the internet I'm looking for some guidance. Im a very hands on kind of person looking to get into infosec and pentesting. I am a former automotive technician, with little experience in the field. I self taught myself use of some basic tools and have taken some classes regarding basic theory of routing and switching (ICND1 and Net+ no exams taken yet though I plan to soon). I can do very well by simply doing something over taking a class or reading about it. Do you have any suggestions for security related classes, certs, or exams that are simply more involved or hands on? I heard that the are some practical portions for CEH and the CCNA but most are multiple choice. I also was curious if there is a physical security cert available, thats recognized by the industry.

Also Im willing to take any suggestions on better practices for studying involving a hands on method. I did install Kali and mess around with the tools on there but my current SOHO network is nothing impressive. Im afraid of going outside my network to test things. Is there any place that is SAFE to hone skills and use of tools?

Thanks for the help!


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