Has anyone used Prepmasters for MCT, CTT, etc?

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Good morning again!

My buddy in CA (I am in Chicago) is looking for a decent place to get MCT training and such. I did some searches and found www.prepmasters.com, but who knows! It's a bit far for me to go find out for myelf :) There are many many resources out there, but I want to get him a place with easy to work with trainers, no BS or upselling, etc.

If anyone has gone there, please chime in and I will take it under advisement.

Have a great day,


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    I would suggest doing self study first to get the CTT+, this will help in his effort to become an MCT. Also, he should know that he needs to have a premium Microsoft certification if he wants to be an MCT. Also you can only teach curriculum for which you have successfully completed the certification or exam for.
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