How long did it take you to read through the All-In-One Meyers book?

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at a whopping 1500+ pages how long did it take you to get to the end?


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    I have been at it for about a month now and I am a little over halfway done. My process has been read a chapter while taking notes and practicing the concepts on my laptop if they apply. Then when I am finished with the chapter I watch the Messor video that is over the same objective to fully concrete the information in.

    I could probably be further if not done already but some days I just do not feel like opening the book. My test is not until September though so I am still ahead of schedule of where I need to be in the book.
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    Just to be honest..that's an awful lot for the A+ exam. I would watch professor Messer's A+ videos, then use the text to get clarity or reinforce concepts your not fully getting.

    Professor Messer IT Certification Training Courses

    I did both A+ exams in a week and a should have no problems knocking this thing out in a month or so.

    Best of luck

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    @orlandofl tbh that would depend how competent someone already was, I'm not competent in all honesty I know the basic so the All-In-One is a good book for me to read. Saying that though I've down graded to a lighter book, Exam Cram By David Prowse as it just gets straight to the point, also plan to watch Professor Messer videos and will be taking an A+ class.
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