Question about 220-901 and 220-902 Exams and study guides?

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I don't have any work experience in IT aside from being your run-of-the-mill computer enthusiast, so I figured by the time I got in at least a year of work experience, some of the 801+802 content would be outdated. Do you also think I should try to get my cert as fast as possible or at least try to get some work experience in before shooting? Or perhaps both at the same time? I applied as Staples Tech, not the best position but everyone has to start somewhere.

A lot of the 801 stuff seems like basic knowledge I already know, but not so much for the 802 content; which is why I'm holding off for the 901+902 All-in-one study guide this December along with a possible new relevant job (working at a deli was terrible.)

I'm also 19 in my second year of study as an IT major, so I really don't know how many years it'll be before I land an actual IT job.
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