ITIL 2011 vs V3

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Hi all,

As this is my first post in this forum, hello to everyone. Great to see that everyone is helping each other out.

I have a couple of questions for you if it's ok:

1) I have started preparing the ITIL foundation exam by reading the book "ITIL foundation exam study guide" by Liz Gallacher and Helen Morris (

I'm currently on chapter 10. I am happy on how the different stages, processes and activities are described. I was wondering if you have used this book and what your opinion is

2) After going through a few posts, I have seen that there seems to be two types of ITIL foundation exams: ITIL 2011 and ITIL v3. I was not aware of this distinction. Is ITIL 2011 the previous version of this exam? Is this something I should choose when signing up for the exam?

Something important for me is, will the above book prepare me for the 2011 or the V3 certification? I am saying this because the book doesn't seem to specify what exam you are being prepared for.

Thanks all.




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    Hi Daniel

    ITIL v3 was the last major update to ITIL. Following feedback on v3, ITIL 2011 was released - they aren't numbering ITIL releases any more, but you can think of 2011 as ITIL 3.1.

    Liz and Helen's book will prepare you for the 2011 syllabus exam, which is the latest version. Enjoy your studies,

    Kind regards

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    Hi Claire,

    Thanks for coming back so quickly.

    I feel relieved now knowing that I am on the right path.


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    I found the Gallacher book very helpful.. however the test questions at the end of each chapter assume you know the whole book. It is available at and you can copy text out of it. I printed off each chapter review and took them closed book to guage how I was doing. The review questions are harder than the exam .. At least I thought they were.

    My employer did by me a video course for ITIL Foundation from e-careers. It was helpful and instructive. However it came with no print material so I had to copy the slide images and make my own word doc.

    Between these two resources (and a video from I was able to pass with 85% yesterday at a Prometrics Test site. The exam cost 208$
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