Took Security+ and made a 730.

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I took the exam (August 1st) and made a 730. I am not going to put my head down in shame. I am going to do better next time. I was probably a couple questions away from passing the certification exam. I had questions like RAID. The questions will vary. The material I used was fantastic. What tripped me up because I didn't put too much effort into this when I was studying (there is so many things to look at). I did look at the BYOD concerns, but I also overlooked that. I also think I missed a simple question to, but I am glad I went back when I had a little time left because that 730 could have been 700 if I didn't change a couple answers for all I know. The material I used was Pearson's Certification book from David L. Prowse. I recommend the hard book to because there is a dvd that you can put into your computer that has the simulations if you want to practice them. But know your RAID levels inside and outside. I can be a pessimistic person and say I made a 730 and wasted over $300, so I am not going to pay to take it again or I can take it again and pass, but pass when I am ready to take it at my own pace. I am doing what I was doing before in addition to looking over the exam objective and having Professor Messer guide me through on youtube. I am still reading David L. Prowse's book because I want to make sure I can retain everything I know and I also want to see if something comes up on the exam objective not only do I turn to Professor Messer, but I can look at the e-version of Prowse's book on my android and search for a word like "credential management" for example and see what pops up. I agree that the questions from how I interpreted them were scenarios. There was one I did go back and I had right, but I changed it. The other ones I changed I had wrong at first, so I don't regret it too much, but wow. But I know some I got wrong that I didn't change either, but that is good use because I can study that. And I looked a little at Gibson and heard he is great. There is so much material out there. It's just when I bought Prowse's book I went to town on that and read through the whole thing twice as well as did the review questions. Not to mention all the practice tests and simulations. I just think I didn't put RAID in my brain as much as I should have. Make sure you are ready before you take it and you will do great.


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    I failed the first time as well, so please do not feel shame. Buy Gibson's book and online self testing. You will pass after using them! icon_cheers.gif
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    I failed the first time as well, so please do not feel shame. Buy Gibson's book and online self testing. You will pass after using them! icon_cheers.gif

    I am taking the test on the 26th. I've been using the McGraw Hill, Glen E. Clark book and the practice exams in it. I am buying some more practice exams this week. I've got some security background, but some of this stuff I was a little weak on. I hope to figure it all out before next Wednesday.
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    I plan to take my exam at the end of the month. you gatta keep pushing man. you were so close. I know you can do it! make us on tech exams Proud!
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    Thank you everyone and congrats Ertaz. RAID is in my brain more. Haven't picked a date, but pumped about taking it again. And I am not overlooking any BYOD concerns now. I am also going to be careful when reading a questions. The other issue is time. What advantage of our exam is we can skip a question and go back. Some certification exams don't allow a person to skip. I am back in school and taking a java programming class and an e-commerce/intranet/internet class. Studying for the Security+ can be my 3rd class outside of school. Still going through the exam objectives and highlighting what I don't understand and then learning it. Going back to the questions. Sometimes there is the right answer and one that could be the right answer. That's why when we know an answer we can't overthink the one that could be right too. Not saying that happened to me on this certification exam when I took it, but it has happened in the past on practice tests for this cert and for other certs like the CCNA for example. Thank you again everyone.
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    That's why I keep telling people on here to understand RAID, you'll need to know more than you think for the exam ;)

    I did not get a single question related to it. It's like they must have know to beat me up on other things.
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    Tenacity is the key, keep at it, don't let too much time pass before you take it again, you were right there! I'm sure you will pass the second time around and you will probably see some of the same questions appear the first time around as well.
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