Failed the 70-410!

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I'm getting really discouraged managed to get a 480/1000.

Funny thing is during the exam I felt I knew a good amount of the answers, almost atarying to feel some questions are weighed much higher then others.

I'm planning to get my MCSE in the exchange track. These exams are just really bumming me out..

Anyone have any advice to recover from a. Failure, mentally it's exhausting.


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    Well keep on trying .. I know your pain but I failed it twice my next exam is next month... We will see how that goes since I gave myself a full month to study once again... Just keep on trying that's all you could do. If you got your print out study that section you were bad at.

    Which sections did you fail more on?
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    What did you use to study for the exam?
    Did you take a practice exam?
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    The Microsoft exams are tough. I would suggest that you study every domain of the exam on Technet, do the MVA labs and read Mastering Server 2012.
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    Sorry to hear that man! I failed on 70-411 twice. Then decided to go through some Q&As I found online. Not telling you to learn the answers, but rather learn the way how Microsoft is forming the questions and brush on topics that might be on the exam and you didn't pay that much attention to them. Some of them have incorrect answers anyway so for me it was really more of a help as what to focus on and study rather than memorize Q and A.
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    Welcome to the forums. Looks like this is your first post.

    You will find a wealth of information and support hear. I my self have failed this exam twice, and only by a couple of questions each time. Its a little discouraging some times. If you just took the exam you should have a free retake during the next month of so.

    Let us know what you used to study (books, labs, videos ect) Not all material is created equal, some of them are complete junk. Make sure they are R2 editions or you're setting your self up for failure.

    Do you have a lab setup? Do you have any working experience in the topics?
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