passed n10-005 with 874 (bonus question: can i use mandarin language with networking)

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I passed the n10-005 with an 874. I spent about 3 months studying and have no network experience, but did earn an AAS in network administration back in may.

Study method
1. Read Network+ guide to networks, sixth edition by Tamara Dean
2. after reading, went through the book page by page making notes on my weaknesses, study notes and book for several more weeks.
3. take practice tests by certblaster (a code was included w/ the book, dont really recommend)
4. make flashcards for IEEE standards, and perceived weaknesses
5. Go through quizlet questions, and any other practice questions I could find on the internet, taking notes on things I get wrong and studying them
6. go through questions again, making notes on even the smallest thing I dont understand, study them
7. go through professor messer's videos the weekend before the exam, zeroing out things I dont feel comfortable with.

I leave to China next week where I will study Mandarin. I will be there for over a year, and hope to become proficient. I dont really think there is any way to use them both, but thought this would be a good place to ask.


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