PCD or hopping versions?

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Hello all,

I've worked 80% of my career with Firewalls so bare with me, I have set up a CUCM cluster a few years ago, have never upgraded them ever since, added phones, configured a gateway, and that's about my experience with the CUCMs.

I have recently undertaken a project to migrate these from 7.1.3 to either 10.5 using PCD or hop to 8.5 and from there go to 10.x (in order to incorporate Cisco Jabber).

Which way do you suggest I should take? I've read, for PCD most of the work is taken out for me after I get beyond the page of setting these up.

Will the LUDs be migrated over or do I need to obtain new licenses?

Thank you.
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    Use PCD. It makes life easy for the most part, you can change IP's and everything. Unless you are going to be changing hostnames go for it. We personally do not use it for every project, but the ones we do use it for turn out great.
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    Thanks for the reply, shodown. Here is a direct paste from my CUCM OS Administration(MCS 7835H2):

    Total: 2073188K
    Free: 26296K
    Used: 2045588K
    Cached: 554808K
    Shared: 0K
    Buffers: 37556K

    Here is the order of which I plan to execute the migration

    - Upgrade ram from 2GB to 4GB (I've got 144GB Hard drives with plenty space left on it)
    - Contact cisco partner for DLUs and a service contract
    - Choose path of least resistance
    a) direct upgrade to 9.x (can I pull the 7.1.3 config on to 9.x from the DRS?)
    b) deploy PCD on a server, get ESXi license, ova files

    That's what I have garnered so far after two days of researching, 99% of which was totally unknown to me, I'm still only scraping the surface of it, this is a very complex and difficult upgrade. I'll probably review this a million times over and pull more resources together to gain confidence before even starting to actually upgrade these.
    “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Confucius
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    If you are going to use PCD, there's no need to upgrade to 9. You can go straight from 7.1.3 to 10.5.2.

    I'm working on a similar project now, but we chose the manual method over PCD. What is your target platform?

    Search for this. It's a great overview:
    BRKUCC-2668 Best Practises in Upgrading your Unified Communications Environment to Version 10.pdf
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