GIAC introduces digital badge program

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I don't care for this stuff in my signature but just passing the info along for those who do like it.
We have received a lot of feedback from people requesting that we do more from a GIAC brand recognition perspective. Also, that it should be easier for hiring managers and employers to verify and better understand the GIAC certifications you hold.
Enter GIAC digital badging.

GIAC will debut a new digital badge program to all active GIAC certification holders in the coming weeks. GIAC has partnered with Acclaim to provide the digital badging service (, which is based upon the Mozilla Open Badge standard. GIAC digital badges can be utilized in your email signature, personal web sites and on your social media accounts and can help increase awareness of GIAC certifications to HR and management communities who are seeking to understand the crucial information security skills they need to protect their organizations.
The badge is a digital representation of your paper GIAC certification, which will include much of the same information. The purpose of this digital badge program is to equip our certification holders with the necessary information interested parties can use to verify and assess the skills and abilities of GIAC certified professionals.

For more information about GIAC's digital badge program please visit GIAC Forensics, Management, Information, IT Security Certifications or email, and keep an eye out over the next few weeks for details regarding how to claim your GIAC badge(s).


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    I just saw that as well. They look nice. I'm not really interested in having them in my signature either, but they would probably look nice on a Blog or web site you might have.
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    If it's anything like LPIC, acclaim will send you an email every other day until you sign up.
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    if they just make it more affordable
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    I like the extra visibility these give to my linkedin profile.
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    More visibility than having them listed already?
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    For a technical and psychological look into why GIAC would do such a thing: Gamification: Interesting - b/eads
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    Good read. I'm not going to confirm or deny how bad I felt when my team lost the SANS 504 coin for a mere 30 seconds.
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    Hmm remotely linking to images isn't really gonna work in Outlook is it.
    I already have my GIAC license number on linkedin, ah well shiny badges are nice I guess

    Nothing beats the CISSP card though
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    For a technical and psychological look into why GIAC would do such a thing: Gamification:
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