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I do believe this was not a server exam. There were not many questions about users not be able to login, can't access the file, and so on.

Instead, CompTIA is in love w/ RAID. There were even questions about BIOS upgrades, and how the exactly has something to do w/ a server, who knows.

I work w/ servers on a limited basis, and more over did the Sever+ for a personal accomplishment.

I believe the next step is the MCSA, but I have to do some research on that cuz it seems the Windows 7 & 8 exams are close to being retired, and I have no idea of this means a MCSA expires too; if s there's no reason for the MCSA at this time.

If I did it anyone can.


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    I have heard from several people that there is lots of RAID on there. I'm also taking it more for personal accomplishment. It just seems like it would be interesting to me. What did you use to study?
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    I actually used some study tools for droid:

    There are also Server+ flash cards for the droid somewhere on the internet that I used.

    There's also examcompass. I moreover than studying much answered questions after questions instead; there's not much to study for the server+.

    The backup methods (incremental, full, differential) are on the exam too. The good old: "if the PC died before doing a full backup on Thursday, but does differential backup every day, how many tapes would be needed to recover!" Sure my question could be worded better but should give you an idea.
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    As a vendor neutral test, it isn't surprising that there weren't any questions asking about user login issues, file access, etc. In all honesty, it is more like an advanced or hardware class specific A+-type exam. I didn't find it to be too difficult, overall. I used the GTS Learning book.
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    Congrats! I passed too, just waiting for my results sheet to show up in the mail.
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    Congrats on your passing!
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