New to CCNA need advice and help please

cnajera2001cnajera2001 Member Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi, I have been checking out this website, I am currently in school for CCNA and I am needing advice on which route to go, at my school since its funded and they only give up 2 vouchers for the test they suggest that we do the 1 test route, I myself prefer the 2 test route, I want to prepare for the Intro and want to get input on what to expect and any pointers, having problems with subnetting, using learntosubnet and other things to make it stick but no luck, 1 guy in our class took the test and failed it with a 800 not bad for not knowing anything about CCNA, all of students are in the same boat. Thanks any help will be appreciated. Want to take my test by March 17. Thanks again!
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