Suggestion for books to read AFK?

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So I'm currently studying for both GCIA (at work) and OSCP (at home), I do however have about an hour commute to and from work where I find myself quite bored. All the study materials I got concerning GCIA/OSCP requires me to be at the computer, so I'd like some suggestion on what reading materials icon_lol.gif

I'm working with pentesting and it's obviously what I'm studying as well, so something related to that. It could be a biography (not Mitnick tho), something fictional, more study'ish material that won't require me to be at the computer etc. For example I think I might be interested in "The Hacker Playbook 2: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing" to come up with new ideas, has anyone read that and what do you think of it?

All kinds of suggestions are of interest =)


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