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Hello my name is Al and I am looking for a bit of career advice on steps I can take to help advance my spot in the IT field. Recently I accepted a role doing technical support for real estate software program that will begin in one week. It is a company that will be expanding and I have the chance to advance and even consider management if I put forth some effort to learn new IT skills. My background is an associates degree in information systems and certificate in network support. I worked for 5 years as help desk for Time Warner and in gaming industry for EA client. So it has been over 5 years since then and I am trying to find a way to stay in the IT industry. I am very interested in earning some certifications that will make me very valuable and increase my worth but need advice on a direction to go. I run Linux on a few desktops at home and work to understand it more. Windows skills definitely come easier and working in a data center or with web services is of interest. I know I don't want to be in computer repair or entry level help desk long term, so I hope you guys can give me helpful advice and direction.



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    Win the lottery and retire and avoid the hassle of work and dealing with employees who don't know anything about computers?

    That's my long term plan. :)

    But until that happens, I would try for more desktop support than supporting a specific program, I have gotten calls for jobs like that and I just don't want the hassle of dealing with clueless end users.

    I am studying for my first VMware certification now and aiming for jobs in data centers, for minimal human contact. I have limited patience for end users. And after 3-1/2 years of Desktop Support, I've had all I can stand.
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