First A+ scheduled 9/15.

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Hello All,

I'm probably a little different than most here, I'm older. I turned 36 recently and I've been doing technical work for 10 years (actual IT 6 years, cable tech the other 4). I've always wanted to get the A+ as a way to show others (potential employers) that I know the basic stuff but I have some serious test anxiety. Also, I justified it to myself by saying I didn't have the money but I know that was bull.

When I got hired at my current position doing bank IT, they said they'd pay for the tests and pay me an additional $1.5K/yr if (when!) I pass. I scheduled test #1 on 9/15. The test dates/times in my area are not far out so I can see myself scheduling the second one on 9/17 when I pass the first.

I have the exam cram book and watch the Professor Messer videos. Just hoping I don't get a ton of questions with random minutiae I haven't memorized well enough. I know all the practical stuff and I pass all the practice tests with a 90 to 100 so I think I'm good but still nervous. I enjoy reading all the other posts and especially those with no hands on knowledge who pass. I've been working on PCs personally for 20 years so I feel I have a good handle on the "hands on" stuff. Just have to pass these darn tests. :) Wish me luck.



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