CEH v8 Official Lab Setup

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Sorry if this is a redundant question but when I googled this issue, the most comprehensive link was here, and the details were a little sketchy.


I have the EC Council classroom materials (Powerpoints and DVD set) for studying for CEH v8. I have a v7 study guide and it sounds like I should get the Matt Walker v8 book as well.

I would like to setup a lab in the same way as it would be configured if I attended the official class.

I have Windows Server 2012 DC version, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 professional, and BT R5 (or can download the correct version).

My questions are:

*What does the domain configuration look like
*Will IP addresses matter
*Running this on VMServer 5.5 okay?

Any other considerations I should be aware of? Anyone have a network diagram or details regarding the official configuration used in the classroom training? All I could find is one for v6 (attached to this post)

Thanks for any help in getting this setup
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