Burning Glass Cybersecurity Jobs Report 2015

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Came across this and thought it may be of interest to the peeps here for some discussion.


The 2014 report is available at



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    Interesting read.

    Guess most will be happy to read this
    Or put another way, there were nearly 50,000 postings for workers with a CISSP certification in 2014, the primary credential incybersecurity work. That amounts to three-quarters of all the people who hold that certification in the United States—and presumably most of them already have jobs

    Before people go cramming their brains to pass the the latest and greatest certification exam, take note.
    High education and experience requirements make skills gaps hard to close.
    Because cybersecurity jobs require years of training and relevant experience, skills gaps cannot easily be resolved through short-term solutions. Employers and training providers must work together to cultivate a talent pipeline for these critical roles.
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