reducing the datastore size alarm to go from Normal to a Yellow Warning

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Hey guys,

I'm curious is there a threshold I can modify that allows me to shrink the storage threshold warning. I seem to always need to give my datastores like a 30% buffer in space for it to stay 'normal' if I don't it goes to a yellow triangle saying the space is too low. When in-fact it still has like 800+ GB's of space on average.

Is there a way to make that tolerance like less like 100 or 50 GB's and not the default size?

I'd like to make my datastores smaller so I know how much space I actually have and not an inflated number to satisfy an alarm.

Picture below of what I mean in a 'normal' state:

Notice I needed to make extents to keep them green, they are so much larger than I think they need to be. :)


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    You have to change the alarm definitions. So go to your Alerts tab there should be a definition sub tab where you can adjust the thresh holds. Make sure you do this at the vCenter level. I'm not logged in to a vCenter but this is just off my memory.
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    Host - Inventory - Datastores and Datastore Clusters
    Click root of tree
    Click Alarm tabs
    Click Definitions
    Choose the definition you want to change and choose Edit Settings, then go to the Triggers tab and modify the levels

    I think you'll want Datastore Cluster is Out of Space and Datastore Usage on Disk
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    Thanks guys, haven't touched these settings since January for the exam study. Kudos!
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