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I represent a technical training school. We're looking to add courseware for the CCDA track. We currently provide a video series that students access over the network in our lab. We're looking for something similar ideally, but would also consider a distance learning option as a second choice. We're looking for good quality material. Can anyone make any recommendations?

Thanks for any input.
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    Hum.... I can tell you what I found, but I just used the Cisco Press books for my exams. I think the video and/or e-learning options enhance a students learning, but don't replace the grunt work of having to read, comprehend, and remember.

    The only videos I've ever used were the old Learnkey ACRC cds -- they were good, but expensive (company paid for them). I found references on the web to an old Learnkey CCDA series -- but it would be out of date and there was no indication on the Learnkey site that they were going to update the course.

    CBT Nuggets offers some videos to sample on their web site. They seem fine. And the price is affordable for individuals -- and they also seem to have a nice corporate option. Their CCDA course seems up to date and it looks like it would be a good supplement to reading the Cisco Press books. I'm considering getting the CCIE Nuggets, er, I mean a friend of mine is thinking of getting them.

    For eLearning -- I have followed some links from the Cisco web site to learning/training partners. And I do look at the course outlines to use a guide in my self-study. Great corporate solution -- expensive for individuals.

    NetG seems to have bought KnowledgeNet -- so those courses are listed on under Catalog -- KnowledgeNow Catalog. I think its based on the Cisco Courseware, and they offer online options. For some reason I've wondered if these are the guys who write/develop the courses for Cisco -- but I've got more important things to do (like study) than worry about this (but if anyone else has tripped over the answer...).

    GlobalKnowledge at -- I haven't spent as much time on their web site -- but seems similar to the KnowledgeNet - KnowledgeNow stuff. They either prepare training based on the Cisco courseware, or they are possibly another company that seems like they could have been hired by Cisco to write the courseware.

    Those e-Learning options seem up-to-date for the CCDA.

    Final suggestion -- the Cisco Web Site. I think all the Cisco Training Partners work off the same courseware from Cisco -- so they should be your first stop for information.
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    Hi Mike,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to compose such a thorough reply. I appreciate the leads and will follow them.

    I actually started my search with Cisco, but didn't have much luck getting more specific info than what was on the website.

    Thanks again!
    =^) Wayniack!
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    Hi I represent the worlds largest e-learning provider, and I actually cover the CA area, my email is [email protected]. Send me an email and I can arrange for you to take a look at our Cisco course ware to see if would be a good fit for you.
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