N10-006 -- Certications Underway

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Hi All,

I wanted to introduce myself as I begin working towards my first certification (N10-006). I have an A.A. in Information and Cyber Security, will have my B.S. in Information Systems in May of 2016 and plan to get Network+, Security+, SSCP, and 2 MSCA's for starters. I've been working at my first job as a Database Admin for around 9 months now and am really loving the IT world.

As for how I plan to study for the Network+, I have gone through and begun watching the free Professor Messer videos, taken personal notes, and I will review the Comptia exam objectives at the end of each section as well as review my personal notes from the videos.

Do you guys have any additional suggestions?

Thanks and I look forward to utilizing the community!
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