Failed CCNA Wireless Today

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I went and took the CCNA wireless today. It was a lower score than I was expecting 730 needing 790 to pass. Of course as I was going I was trying to take mental notes of questions I was unsure of, and of those there are several questions that I verified I answered right, and the others I cannot find in either the Cisco Press book or the Cisco Wireless Quick reference book.. which is probably the most frustrating part. I plan on trying to look through the stickies on the forum for additional resources, as I passed over those this time. There were several questions I know too that I should have gotten right but I probably missed, I was getting too flustered.

Is there anything else people have used to prepare besides the press book and sticky material? One of the hardest things is finding content for this cert.

But I will probably knuckle down once again and try again in a few weeks!


  • Super99Super99 Member Posts: 274
    I used knowledgenet but it's a paid subscription from my employer.
    Try CBT nuggets, I hear a lot of great things about it.
    I'm planning on taking the wireless exam next month maybe.
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    I used CBT Nuggets with Keith Barker. Also used youtube videos on wireless. For hardware I used a 2100 WLAN Controller as its a spare at work. Also have a few 1130 and 1142 APs that I was able to use. To me the test was a lot of theory and not really a lot of hands on.

    Good luck on taking the exam.

  • Super99Super99 Member Posts: 274
    Did you get any labs or drag n drop on ur wireless exam?
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