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Hi All
Can you give me a critique on this resume.
It's not getting any responses


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    I can only tell you what they look at at Cisco, Try not to have your resume be longer then 2 pages. 1 Page is preferable. You can remove the top portion completely as the same information is seen in multiple other spots on your resume (Try to never repeat the same information). Remove the past certifications. Remove Selective from "Selective Training". This is just my opinion, others will chime in as well.
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    I just looked at it briefly, super busy at work just a quick rundown, I am going to be blunt so forgive me, for starters, I don't like a resume that is more than one page, it loses my attention quickly, keep it to one page. I assume you have your name, address, phone number, email on top. Your name should be the biggest font highlighted in bold so they know who you are and what resume they are looking at. The same goes for the file name, ex: firstnamelastnameresume.doc (So it doesn't get lost that easily in the mix) Run that spellcheck! If I see a resume with spelling and grammatical errors I want to throw it in the trash. I agree with the above, I don't care about your past expired certs, I want to see the current active ones. You can elaborate on your job duties, you have good experience your resume has a lot of potential to standout, you can edit it again to the best of your ability and re-post so we can look at it again. I apologize for being blunt but I just want my comrades to shine.
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    What I personally look at/for;
    Your certs & training are most of the first page. Eliminate the old ones, eliminate the ones that aren't pertinent to the job at hand.
    If the education goes with the cert, ditch it. The cert implies you have the knowledge.
    Does something from '97-'01 have any bearing on this job position that isn't covered by a newer job? If not, cut it. Ditto for 2002-2004 unless there's a stand-out reason to include it.
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    Some really good feedback so far. I agree that you definitely want to get this down to 2 pages maximum. I also agree that it would be safe to delete some of the training and other fluff if you already hold the corresponding cert.

    Regarding the professional summary, instead of telling me that you are wanting to transition into network engineering (that reads like an Objective section), give me a high-level overview of your actual skills and accomplishments.

    Do you have a degree?

    Within the professional experience section, each job description should begin with a high-level overview of your daily duties and responsibilities, and then use bullets to highlight special achievements, projects, promotions, etc. Don't rely solely on bullets like this. I will link you to a resume that's a great example on how to format and write this properly. I would recommend expanding on your experience as much as possible, especially as it relates to the specific job that you are applying for. Again, tailor the resume for the job position.

    Regarding the selective training and similar sections, instead of listing a bunch of software, technologies, and protocols, and I would rather you expand upon this information and explain HOW you are proficient in these skills, especially in a business/enterprise environment. Ideally I would recommend that you incorporate this info into your professional experience, and then drop the skills section altogether. This will also help to reduce the overall length of this resume.

    This is an excellent resume guide with example resumes, a huge list of action verbs, sample summaries, etc:

    This thread contains a fantastic example of a properly formatted and written resume (ptilsen's resume):

    Resume time

    Someone recently uploaded this document regarding the "STAR Method" of writing resume content. You may want to take a look at it and see if it helps you.
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    i think if you wanna get job for network area you need add the key works for example, BGP ospf VPN MGCP MPLS-VPN, IPSEC-VPN and so on.
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