question on upgrading IOS on cisco router

jelexyjelexy Member Posts: 31 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hi all,

I want to upgrade my cisco 2620 router's IOS from 12.0(1) to 12.3(13)
I have never done such task, but I have been told that it is not difficult!

I have the following tools:

1. solar wind TFTP program (install on laptop)
2. IOS version 12.3(13)

3. local network(with private ip addressing scheme) connected to the net via router (router has 4 ethernet connection for my private network and my cisco 2620 router will be connected into one of the ethernet connection)

4. ethernet patch cable (for connecting my cisco router 2620 to my local net)

what else do i need????

if you know any link with step by step instruction please direct me to the right link.


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