Was still sick, now just getting back on the horse

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I am not sure how many remember me, but I was planning to take the exam back in early JAN. Anyway, I got sick - BIGTIME - and studying like a madman before did not help. Then when I thought I was better, I wasn't. Now I am pretty sure I am. I believe these were stress related illnesses. Anyway, I feel like I know everything that can be asked because I was only about a couple weeks from taking the test before, and just practicing sims on my NetSIM. But now, it is like getting back on an old horse to learn everything again. It is funny though, because it is a lot faster picking everything up this time. I am happy to say, I remember quite a lot more than I though I would.

Hoping to take the CCNA in April.

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    icon_thumright.gif Welcome Back!

    I need to get back on the exercycle myself -- I can read, but I can't take notes. I guess its sort of like the freshman 15 in college -- I'm probably up to the certification 25 by now.

    Energy level is dropping... and stress is increasing...

    But having been Army Infantry, even though it was many years ago, I still have the mindset and know how far and how fast I can keep pushing.

    Plus I've started taking some study days off -- and I'm working on a desk so that I can get exercise and still study at the same time....
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    I hear ya.. I have also noticed that proper time off can help you retain more information, than pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion. In college, I did push myself to the brink of exhaustion, but it did pay off.

    I see you have a CCNP there. That is excellent. I can only imagine how difficult that might be.

    Take care now.

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    Been there, done this one too (in a sense!).


    Over the last week, I'd gotten clobbered by some cold bug, and I have my ICND exam scheduled next week-- suddenly study becomes exponentially more difficult.

    As for the exercise bit, I have a bike, but I've been blaming its lack of use on the CCNA studies, telling myself I'll get back on when I'm done! This is actually partly true, because if I pass next week, I'm going to have to wait until April to start the CCNP anyway.
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    It's good to see you back. Study hard, but remember, you come first, so stay healthy and enjoy life.
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