CCNA Exam Tomorrow (Nervous)

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I will write the CCNA exam tomorrow. I am a bit nervous but in good spitits. I think I am OK with subnetting, switches and routers but am scared of WANs. I pray I do not get a WAN simulation. All the best...
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    Go, and have lots of good fortune!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    GOOD LUCK - you can do it.........
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    shazzam wrote:
    I am a bit nervous but in good spitits.
    Breath in....... Breath out...... Repeat - but don't hyperventilate. icon_lol.gif

    Once you hit the test center you should be okay. I still get the pre-test jitters, but they now go away before I start the test.

    Don't forget to sit through the demo -- and **** info like your subnet mask **** sheet to your scratch paper (on the demo time, not your test time).

    Watch your time -- but don't skip through what appears to be an easy question -- read the question CAREFULLY, and ALL the answers -- then REREAD the question again. If it really was a simple question you've still only used 20-30 seconds and gained some time for harder questions. If it was a tricky question -- hopefully you caught it and selected the correct answer.

    Once you submit a question and move on to the next one, don't worry about it -- that question is over. Only focus on the current question, and don't worry about the questions you've already answered.

    Remember -- 10 minutes for a SIM -- maybe a tad more if you think you are close to finishing. But definitely watch the time.

    Use the time you have left today/tonight to brush up on your weak areas -- like WANs. But make sure you don't over do it -- get enough sleep tonight so that you don't take a nap during the exam.

    Good Luck! icon_thumright.gif There is always room for another good CCNA.
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    but am scared of WANs

    "Fear is the path to the dark side. ..... I sense much fear in you."

    Study the crap out of the wan technologies. Become confident in them.

    “[Luke:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.”

    Remove all doubt, because there will be questions that Cisco is delberately vague about. They do this to make sure that you understand the entire concept of the technology. You can do this. Step up and be the Man.

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    EricO wrote:
    Fear is the path to the dark side.
    I think shazzam will overcome the fear -- anyways, its probably to late to change to a Microsoft exam.... icon_lol.gif Get it -- dark side -- Microsoft. Fine -- it's an old joke. I'll go quietly....
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    I think mike told u all you need to know.....i'll add one make sure and brush up on STP and Vlan's.........know your switching commands :)

    You should be fine.....
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    Thanks for all your kind words. I have just returned from the test center and I regret to inform you all that I failed... Scored 812.

    It's my first attempt at certification.
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    Did you take CCNA 821 or intro 801 ???
  • shazzamshazzam Member Posts: 21 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I took the 640-801
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  • WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    Sorry to hear that, but with a 812 the first time, and some extra effort, I'm sure you'll beat the passing score next time!
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    oooooooooowwwwooooooooo 821, I think better to take 801 first. If you don't have any idea about cisco like me my work is more on programming, Sys Development then I need to understand very well the core of CCNA.

    I know some of the guys here are GURU but knowing how abc works will help you contruct a word. although you know yourself that you can pass it but the things is knowing the core will help you till you pursue the CCNP or to CCIE.

    Well guys hope I can borrow your brains on Monday co'z I'm schedule on Monday INTRO Exam.

    Actually I'm now starting to read about VLAN about VMPS and VTP.

    Anyway wish you again good luck if you want to re take the 801 exam.
    You can do it if you want to and no want can ever stop your dreams.

    I know
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    shazzam wrote:
    I regret to inform you....
    You're easily within "striking distance" -- shake it off. icon_shaking.gif

    When you factor in the double whammy of first certification exam and first Cisco certification exam, you did fine. Yeah, passing would have been a lot more fun -- but just like a Cisco exam question, you can't go back, you can only go forward.

    Take a moment and think about the exam. What did you learn from the exam? How did you do on time? How did you do on the Sims? How did you do on the subnetting questions? What gave you problems? How were the pre-test jitters? How were the during-test jitters? How was your trip to the test center? Did you eat a light breakfast and get plenty of rest the night before? Did any of the question types give you a problem?

    Anyways -- think about those questions. You might decide that cramming this weekend and passing the test on Monday or Tuesday is what you want to do. Or, with your new knowledge of how difficult the exam can be, you might decide to take a week or two and study everything again -- and then crush the test like a bug! Either way -- let us know what you decide. But don't worry, we're still saving your spot in the secret Cisco Certification Clubhouse. :D

    Just a couple of things I found in my experiences that could help.....

    After my first exam, I don't get the during test jitters anymore, and the pre-test jitters vanish as I move into my pre-test routine. Once you take more than one exam, you may develop a routine -- go with it, it has a calming effect.

    Luckly I took the Cisco Network Academy courses for my CCNA -- and I found I had a problem with questions that had graphics & a blob of info before asking the question. I'd spend time trying to understand the graphic and the blob of info -- before seeing what the question was. I still did great on the academy tests, but my average time per question increased -- until I realized I should ignore the graphic, ignore the info blob, and just read the question at the bottom. Once I knew what I was looking for, I could pick the info I needed out of the graphic and the info blob.
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    Not sure why you would suggest doing the 821 first. I'm sure he/she has the 821 section down (INTRO) if going for the full 801. Being just 30 points off (just a couple questions) is REALLY close and I'd expect with knowing the exam format now plus studying some things they need to study, they'll be fine and pass this time!

    Good luckkk!
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    all the best!!
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    Thanks Mike. I felt pretty bad yesterday but today I feel good especially with all the encouragements from you guys. I'll give it a shot again next week now that the jitters are gone and I've realised my mistakes. I think the one reason I failed was because I could not attempt the second simu question. I did well with the main simu which was confuguring ospf. In the second simu I had to use the available console to find answers to 5 questions by entering IOS commands. I did not realise this and could not attempt these questions! I am sure those 5 questions cost me the exam.
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    Do you guys suggest doing the 801 or splitting the exam up and writting the two other exams?
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    Shazzam, I have been working for my CCNA for about 6 months! I got really sick and was out for two months, and now have to relearn a lot. In any regard 812 is a great score, but just not well enough to pass. Stick to your current track, which is to take the 801. I have seen post after post of someone who got a just lower than needed score like yourself, then studies a few more weeks, then took it and passed. Sometimes it takes even 3, or 4, or even more tries! This is what this is all about. Even if you didn't pass the 1st time, you walked away learning something about the test, and hopefully something about yourself.

    - Optimus icon_thumright.gif
  • shazzamshazzam Member Posts: 21 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I wonder if anyone has come closer to the pass mark than this? It must be very very hard to score say 845 and not pass.
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    Me too fail my intro exam score 812 , and can you help me where do i need to focus. implementaion and operation 71% and techno 69%

    but in design and suppport 100%

    I am now thinking were did I got wrong.....

    Do I need to conf the clock rate command when it required to connect to a router hat provide clocking. This was on the exam.

    so i choose no becuase using sh control s 0/0
    and gives me DTE so i choose no need for clocking
    AM I correct?
  • techgirl321techgirl321 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    you are correct according to my sybex book:

    "First, the interface will usually be attached to a CSU/DSU type of device that provides the clocking for the line to the router. But if you have a back-to-back configuration (for example, one that's used in a lab environment), one end-the data communication equipment (DCE) end of the cable-must provide clocking. By default, Cisco routers are all data terminal equipment (DTE) devices, so you must tell an interface to provide clocking if you need it to act like a DCE device."
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