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hey pplz

i would like some info on how to setup my windows 2003 server to act as a router with RRAS to link a DSL modem to one NIC and use another NIC with different IP range (using dhcp) to distribute internet amoung the internal clients?

assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    why don't you tell us what are the particular problems you're encountering?
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    maybe this could help :
    take note your ISP DNS server IP.
    nic1 - ipaddr dhcp from isp - connected to dsl.
    nic2 - static private ip ex. : - connected to lan.

    set dhcp server :
    set to listen to dhcp req on nic2.
    create subnet - specify DG - specify your isp dns server.

    set rras server :
    set a default route to nic1...

    and i'm tired of typing -

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