Working for Trustwave

rudegeekrudegeek Member Posts: 69 ■■□□□□□□□□
Has anyone worked for them?

I've read GlassDoor reviews, just looking for the insider 411. This would be my first purely Infosec position.

Spoke to hiring managers, and to make the switch and to match my current salary I would probably have to land the Security Engineer gig. Not sure if I am overshooting my qualifications. I know I would be shoe-inn for the SOC Analyst role, but the pay would be approximately 10K less than what I make now in a Systems Admin (Healthcare role) where I do get my hands on anything security related, but it's not enough to quench my security thirst.

We also have a security analyst role opening, but I'm afraid I would have no one to learn from (one man security operation). \The benefit to this is would allow me to focus 100% on Infosec.... and probably get another 10k on top of what I make now.

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