Recruitment agencies: good or bad?

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I recently updated my resume on a few job listing sites, and as you can guess it didn't take long for recruiters to contact me.

I've never had a job through an agency before, but from what I've heard it can sometimes put a stigma on you in the workplace (as if you're not a 'real' employee, you're employed by the agency).

There's also the fact that having someone take a cut on your paycheck can't really help your salary.

What are your experiences with recruitment agencies?


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    There are good things and bad things about these type of agencies. The good thing is when you're starting out they might be able to help you get placed and start your career. The bad thing is they don't actually care about you, from my experience they have a list of people that fit the bill and they will submit you as a candidate for a bunch of job openings. Some people get lucky and some don't, the thing that bothers me about these places is the person that is placing you at a site usually knows nothing about IT. It isn't easy talking to them about your background when they are only looking for keywords that they will understand.

    From my experience the stigma of being a contracted employee isn't so bad, its getting into the workplace and having other people tell you that this company barely hires people. They have contractors coming through there all the time and they won't hire any additional staff
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    Just like there are good and bad employers, there are good and bad recruitment agencies so if you are going to use one, know how to spot the difference.

    Winzer wrote: »
    There's also the fact that having someone take a cut on your paycheck can't really help your salary.

    Some jobs are only offered through recruiters so that is a bit of a fallacy. Also this is why it is important to know what you are worth and know when to say "no".
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    They have their ups and downs. I've had some that reach out to me and serve no usefulness and others that check in once in a while and see what skills I have recently acquired and see how I am doing. They keep me posted about top notch positions around the area that I might be interested in.

    So there is no reason to not work with them but just learn to filter out the useless ones and keep in contact with the ones that help you out a bit. Just remember their job is to fill a position in their company or another company and not to help you personally.
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    Some companies require you to be hired through an agency before being hired with them fulltime. When I worked for one of the big pharma companies in their data center, you were hired by an agency on a 2 year contract. You were either hired full time before the end of the two years to let go.
  • systemstechsystemstech Member Posts: 120
    Hit or miss. My current job I got with a recruiter. I still talk to her to this day. Nicest lady and she actually likes helping people.
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    It's not a bad thing IMO, just be wary that they may lie and not have your best interests at heart. But it's a good way to get jobs since they're actively searching for jobs and possible matches. And as mentioned above, some places do their hiring almost strictly through recruiters so there's that benefit too.
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