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We are newly implementing/setup new office in three location. We are plan to shift workgroup to domain.
here i have few doubts in purchasing windows server 2012R2 license and CAL licenses

We have office in bangalore, delhi, chennai,

We have two HP proliant server for Delhi ( One for DC and other for ADC,)

and One HP server in Chennai (We plan to config. child domain controller in chennai office )

All user get authentication from Delhi Domain controller

all three office connected through IPsec VPN through firewall in each office.

Delhi - 150 user,
Chennai - 70 user
Bangalore - 70 User
Total ~ 300 user

Now we plan to buy windows server 2012 R2 standard. I want to know how much User/ device CAL i want to purchase.
We using server only for AD user creation/authentication/print server/group policy.

For storage we have HP store easy storage (40Tb), and synology NAS box (20TB) in network

1.Do i need really want to buy User/Device CALL.
2. If yes, Do i want to buy CAL license for 300 user for each server (300*3= 900 USer CAL). or just 300 USER CAL for all server

Kindly help us out....

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