Passed hardware exam today

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I've accessed this site quite often while studying for my hardware exam but this is my first post. Wrote the test today with a passing score of 839. Gotta admit, it feels mighty good!

I just want to pass along my many thanks for the info contained on this site and for all the insightful comments made by the many posters. In addition to the info here, I used Mike Meyers AIO fitth edition book (very easy read and very useful) as well as info from the ExamCram material(not as easy to read and not as useful). I supplemented all this theory with lots and lots of practice quizes and hands on stuff. I am fortunate to work as an educator at a college where there was never a shortage of malfunctioning computers owned by my students. The deal was this: I would offer my assistance for free and they agreed not to complain if it came back in worse shape than when they brought it to me icon_lol.gif

As mentioned here many times, no two exams are ever alike. Mine was no exception. There seemed to be many questions on the networking objectives: cables, nics, connectors, protocols and configuration. There was also a smattering of questions relating to SCSI/IDE devices and run of the mill troubleshooting scenarios.

Thanks to all for allowing me this space to toot my horn a little. Hmmm...I guess its off to the OS exam!


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