Experiences from Workshops in Linux, Cisco, Wireshark, Ect

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I was wondering if anyone can share there experiences with Workshop type events. I personally have never been to a workshop event or larger events like Gencon or LinuxCon. My wife is in Finance and she sometimes has to attend corporate workshops which she has said is either very boring or Very informative depending on the subject and the Presenter.

Smaller local workshops seem to me to be a cool thing. A group of people getting to together to talk about about and work thru a particular subject or issue and learning by seeing other people doing. From a smaller venue I see where you might learn more and at the least you network your skills and maybe make a new friend ? Larger events like Cisco Live and Linux Con I am not sure I see the value. I was looking to hear what you folks had to say on this subject ?

As always, Thanks in advance.
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    The big thing about these events is networking. Getting to know people in the industry and cool tricks.

    Gencon - Did that for 6 years. Had friends who wrote roleplaying books for side money and ended up meeting a video game company and got a job as game designers out of it. Used to go to help at the booth or be there for support.

    Airheads - Meet other people who do Aruba day in and day out. Learn neat tricks and tips and how to fix issues that normally you dont find answers to on the forums. Usually get free gear and learn about upcoming things.

    Cisco Tech Day - This is what we are doing, this is what is coming forward, this is how we see things going. See a lot of new products coming out. Use it to see if I need to update any of my skills.

    Cisco Live - No comment never been to it as work wont pay for it and I definitely am not going to out of pocket it.
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