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Quick question for those required to take the A+ through WGU. Did you feel the material + lab sims they provide were sufficient for passing the cert exams? Not sure if I should just grab the AIO and read it (this is what I did with all my current certs) instead of using their course work . Just looking for some of your experiences.




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    ashernatanelashernatanel Member Posts: 22 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I tried reading the textbook suggested in the course materials, but I could only make it through 1 chapter before I realized it was not working for me at all. I watched some of the LabSim videos, but mainly on printers (because I'm not as familiar with them) and on processors, RAM, etc. (things under the first CompTIA objective, which for me was the hardest due to memorization involved). Other than that, I just worked the simulations themselves. Outside of what's provided by WGU, I watched Professor Messer's videos and bought his ********** for 10 bucks. That was enough for a pass on the 801; I'll be taking the 802 in a couple weeks.
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