Sybex Comptia Linux Plus book 3rd Edition Study suggestions

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Hey all,
Amazon just delivered my Sybex Linux Certification guide Third Edition. . I am really starting to get serious in learning Linux.
A few years ago I tried to learn Linux and got really fed up with it because my dual boot PC system kept loosing my ability to boot into Windows or Linux or both. A week ago I was watching a YouTube video and I discovered VirtualBox and discovered how to install Linux safely without having to dual boot. I have since download Linux Mint 17.2 and Centos 7 and will soon install OpenSuse linux.

I currently have the Sybex Certification book and Jonathan Moeller's " Linux Mint Beginner's Guide. In addition I am thinking of subscribing to Linux Voice Magazine. If there are any book suggestions or video suggestions please pass them on.

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    Check out Linux Academy.
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    I co-sign Linux Academy.
    I also recommend "The Linux Command Line." You can get a basic-formatted version for free @ The Linux Command Line by William E. Shotts, Jr. or you can pay for a better formatted version and/or pay for a physical copy.

    Even still, none of that is really necessary if you're just going towards the cert. I think playing around w/ the VMs is the most important aspect and a primary study source of your choice. If you're planning on just learning Linux generally, there's plenty of other resources to recommend, but probably recommend them later on once you've built some of the CLI basics.
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    I just downloaded free copy. Thank you for the tip.
    "A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. Unfortunately, they don't have a J.O.B."

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    +1 On "The Linux Command Line" book. It is excellent. I really Love the way this book is set up versus the Sybex book which I also have. I started off with the Sybex book and honestly it took me FOREVER to finish the first chapter and I felt like it didn't really stick that well because the writing wasn't really that interesting to me even though I am totally interested in Linux. I really enjoy William Shott's writing style and his informative but to-the-point parts on different commands and what they do and how they're relevant to getting things done. If you can learn the command line, you can do anything with Linux compared to the GUI and probably faster. His chapters are a quick read, easy to understand, and make you feel like you're getting something accomplished and you are!

    I guess it could be a matter of personal preference, I like short but multiple chapters that tell you what do, and a little bit of why you need to do it, and then move on, rather than LONG dragged out chapters that take like a week to finish with other obligations in life.

    As for the Linux academy, I can't speak for that as I haven't tried it. I'm using Oracle Virtualbox like you are with CentOS, Fedora, and Ubuntu. That works well enough for me.

    Good Luck!
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