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I am new to the forum and currently preparing for the 801. I am using the material provided by WGU. The book they have is not well written and it takes me too much time reading through the pages and creating the mind maps. I watched all the Lynda.com videos for 801 (16 hours ) and can probably skip several pages of the book but am afraid of missing important info.icon_study.gificon_sad.gif
Do you know any good & short online resources?
Or how to find good mind maps or **** sheets for each chapter summarizing key terms?

thanks for all your input!


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    There's the Darril Gibson Rapid Review from MicroSoft Press. It's about 180pp per exam. If nothing else, you'll have some good review material. The other option is one of the practice test engines from Boson or Transcender etc.
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    I did use Professor Messor, but I didn't pay for the downloaded videos - I just watched them for free online. You can also watch them in VLC player to control the playback speed of the videos. I usually watched them in 1.75 or even 2x speed, so that a 10 min video would only take ~ 5 mins, and I'd still learn just as much knowledge out of it.

    I don't know if I'd pay for a practice test from Transcender or Boson, or any other vendor, at the A+ level. Once you get into higher level stuff such as CCNA, MCSA, CISSP, etc, that might be a wiser option. But for the CompTIA exams, it's probably better to just used a good book that includes it's own practice test (learn why the right answers are right and the wrong answers are wrong, not the question formats since the actual questions on the exam are bound to be very different). I also like to get a good video series to blitz thru prior to doing the reading, which it seems you already did.

    Darril Gibson's book might be great - I read his Sec+ material and can't recommend it enough. However, I personally used the A+ Exam Cram book.

    Good luck!
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    I think you should take help from the google. Because it is the best way.
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    examcompass and crucialexams
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