Comptia A+. Online course or self-study?

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Hi guys. Id really appreciate some advice here. Im thinking of a total career change into IT and heard the comptia A+ certification is the way to start.

I have 2 options.

1. Self-study. Buy `comptia A+ for dummies` (heard is really good) or some other self-study book. Using professor messor videos online to help. Then get exams myself


2. Use an online study course. Ive been in contact with `Learning People`. They seem really good to talk to and they sent me this info.

"As a registered educational provider (REP), the Learning People offer the following;

Official training mapped to the exam curriculum
Award winning student care/support
Opportunity to join the National Union of Students (NUS) including an NUS Extra discount card
Interest free payment options
Support from expert mentors
Many courses come with practice labs
Exams paid for and re-sits covered"

"If you wanted to do the Comptia A+ it would cost you £895 inc VAT, practice lab, exams and resits. It can be paid for in interest free monthly payments over a max of 12 months. The duration of the course is 50 hours with 2 exams."

Im not sure which is best really.

Would really appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance


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    PlantwizPlantwiz Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    What is best is what you wish to do.

    Most folks historically have used Meyers All in One as that is the time and tested text to prep for -A+. Sybex also puts out a great text.

    For those with experience, the passport or cram books work very well.

    Those who wish to be frugal and are very resourceful, merely download the objectives and self study.

    Experience matters, the more you have the better you will pickup the concepts and can focus your attention on areas you need.
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    I'd start with messer's videos since they're free and see if you learn well from videos. Next move on to a book per plantwiz' advice. Forget about for dummies books, they aren't nearly enough.

    For labbing, find an old computer you can tear down and build to get familiar with where parts go, study network cables and printers. The free exam compass practice tests were really good.

    I'd put the course as a last resort for if you have trouble learning from video or reading material.
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    Hi guys. Thanks for your advice. Some good stuff there. Perhaps i should be more specific.

    Do you think the online course is overpriced? could i learn just as much doing self-study as opposed to the course. Ive heard online learning can be a real rip off.

    If money wasnt a problem id probs do the course but tempin right now.

    If i just bought a couple of books (previously recommended ones), bought an old knackered PC . watched the recommended videos , do you think that would be just as good as the online course? at a fraction of the price.

    Again, thanks for your advice
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    thatguy67thatguy67 Member Posts: 344 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I agree with the previous poster. Watch Professor Messer's videos. Possibly obtain some CBT Nuggets or equivalent for A+. You can find the books online easily too.

    Normally I don't condone doing that type of stuff. But I feel like you're spending $400 too much just to tell a potential employer that you know how to install PC parts or troubleshoot printer/Internet problems. Why spend even more on training materials? In fact you don't need to buy anything other than a used PC to take apart and put back together again. Just advertise yourself as the neighborhood computer guy and after 2 months you will have enough experience to pass the exam (save for the professionalism/safety type questions you can study online).

    Another thing that can help would be to join a PC gaming forum. I'm not sure if you're a gamer but I've found the crossover is quite large into the IT field. Browse the hardware discussion on those sites, Google every brand and model of motherboard/video card/etc that you come across. Read about the custom builds they do. You will learn about the case types, overclocking, and other technical details very easily that you wouldn't come across from mere troubleshooting. It will also aide you if you ever have to recommend a certain type of hardware/computer for a potential customer.

    If that type of stuff bores you, then at least you get a taste of the type of thing you'd be doing if you got an A+ related job.
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