Thoughts about new CISSP curriculum

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Hi Folks,

I am getting myself turning towards security domain rather than others. I have 10 years + experience in R&S, Security and Service Provider but I want to be only Security guy. I started my journey with CCNP ( Sec) even though I have experience in security managing firewalls and some in Auditing. Although I have some plans for other security cert in future but I am starting with CISSP. ( I know there was lot of discussion in past about CISSP but I hope some of you will still get some time to help me guide and share your experience).

After we have new look of CISSP with 8 domains I am feeling myself confused what should be my first pick for start. I am seeing no other option rather CBK because Shon didn't publish new version on 8 domains.

Do you guys think we have other resources which can help in new syllabus? How much it will be worth to study Shon's old 6th edition ?



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