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So I'm collecting and reading slightly and slowly on CISA and would like to take it next year. My reading resources so far are open source resources, wikis, google, etc so i would like to get some official reading material. I see that ISACA has different versions every year of their books so will there be a CISA 2016 book next year around January or will the CISA 2015 will still be ok to study from?


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    From what I've seen of ISACA's materials, unless there's a fundamental change or rearrangement in the scope of the exam (CRISC was just recently modified if I recall correctly), the updates from year-to-year are relatively minor. Yes, you may miss an exam question or two, but on the whole from my experience and seeing books of people taking the exams more recently than me there typically isn't much worth justifying the extra expense if you have the prior year's material. Obviously get the Q&A, too, if you don't have it. With ISACA the guide books are better for real-life work application while the Q&A is better for exam prep. Good luck, it's a big book!
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