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I am preparing for the ITIL-F exam and I am using the study guide written by Liz Gallacher and Helen Morris. There are a couple of things that confused me while I went through the first chapters:

- In the "Understanding Business Relationship Management process" section, there are parts called "Scope/Objective/Purpose of the BPM process". The "BPM" abbreviation made no sense to me, and the topic was obviously the BRM. Is it a typo in the book, or I am missing a concept abbreviated BPM?

- The following sentence does not make sense to me:

"Because many customers use the services provided to deliver services or products to their own customers, customer assets from the service provider perspective may be considered to be service assets by the customer".

I simply fail to connect the two parts of the sentence (I am not a native English speaker). Can somebody rephrase this to me?

Thank you very much in advance


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    You are correct, there is a misprint; it should say BRM. I apologise - this slipped through despite having the text reviewed twice.
    THe confusing sentence is one of the less clear parts of ITIL, that many people struggle with, and is unlikely to appear in a foundation exam. The ITIL guidance states "Many customers use the service they receive to build and deliver services or products of their own and then deliver them on to their own customers. In these cases, what the service provider considers to be the customer asset would be considered to be a service asset by their customer." So one could be an external service provider hosting a website such as the Amazon or Ebay website. In order for this to work, it may need access to the customer's product database. So that database is a customer asset used by the service provider to provide the service. FRom the customer point of view, they are providing a service to their end customers, using a number of service assets, such as the database, and the website. So what the external provider considers a customer asset, the customer thinks of as a service asset. I would not worry too much about it at this stage!
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    Having an answer from the actual book author is, like, wow...! Thank you very much!
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