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Hi all,

I will be sitting for my ccna in about 1 month I reckon! In the meantime I am thinking about setting up a ccnp lab so I can get started right away. This is what I have in mind for my lab, please feel free to suggest different ideas or replacements....

2 x Cisco 2620 + WIC-1T (1 Fastethernet / 1 Serial / IOS 12.2 / 64D 16F)
1 x Cisco 2501 (1 Ethernet / 2 x serial / IOS 12.3 / 16D 16F)
1 x Cisco 2520 (2 Serial / 2 Async / 1 Ethernet / 1 ISDN BRI / IOS 12.1 / 16D 16F)

This should (correct me if I'm wrong) allow for ISL vlan trunking and frame relay switching).


2 x Cisco C2924-XL-EN (Enterprise IOS 12.0)

Thoughts? Thanks alot!


  • jasonijasoni Junior Member Member Posts: 16 ■□□□□□□□□□

    Can you guys help me out, will this be enough, or can I do it with less? Or do I need more?
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    jasoni wrote:
    can I do it with less? Or do I need more?
    Less is not an option. More is always better. icon_cool.gif

    Okay -- my opinions..... but for some reason I'm not in the mood to spend your money.... icon_confused.gif

    2950 switches are better -- adding one 2950 to those 2 2924s could get you through the CCNP (if you squint).

    Another ISDN router & a cheap ISDN Simulator would be useful for the CCNP (BCRAN). 5 routers could get you through the CCNP (BSCI).
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